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All authorized government entities are encouraged to use agreements approved by NASPO ValuePoint (formerly WSCA-NASPO). The Architecture of Innovation: Utah`s ValuePoint Cloud Services Procurement “Collaboration is one of creativity`s best-kept secrets.” ?? John Briggs, Fire in the Crucible (2000) In 2017, the State of Utah won NASPO`s Cronin Award for Procurement Excellence for its procurement of ValuePointTM cloud solutions. The agreements cover all three cloud service models […] Since the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) was founded in October 1993 by state purchasing managers from fifteen states, governments have saved millions of dollars through cooperative purchasing. By working together to develop contracts with a leading state, the savings can be enormous. Shared purchases, on items such as laptops and desktops and more, can ultimately save time and resources by working with other like-minded government officials from across the country. And by looking at these charts and adding up the savings opportunities, you`ll see a name change that looks like a wedding. That`s right, the graphics of “WSCA” have now become “WSCA/NASPO” on most of their websites. In fact, this evolution was explained to me this week when I attended a conference call that discussed multi-state ways to save money and be more efficient in our contract work. For other restrictions, please refer to the Participating States Addendum. The following agencies are eligible for purchase under this agreement: The contract can be used by all state authorities, political subdivisions and qualified non-profit companies, material management center, participating colleges (colleges and universities, municipal and technical colleges).

Buyers (state authorities and local political subdivisions) may place an order with any seller (including a WSCA contract seller) to meet their product and/or service requirements, and seller may choose to accept and process the order. States (on behalf of one or more state agencies and/or their authorized local political subdivisions – cities, municipalities, counties, etc.) may choose to prepare a participating addendum with one or more WSCA contract providers so that purchases from that supplier(s) meet the state`s procurement requirements. Click on the status below to access the contractual documents of each participating state: charter schools and private organizations must complete a loan application when applying for a credit account. Please fax the completed and signed loan application to Apple at 1-866-784-4004. Click here to access the official NASPO ValuePoint website. Sam Rauch, 512-674-7086 Now we can answer: I think you mean the cooperative purchasing arm of NASPO. And yes, we call them. Questions about procurement for government agencies? Contact Us: 1-800-788-5414 Many of these excellent contractual relationships and procurement opportunities have evolved over the years at National Association of Purchasing Officers (NASPO) meetings. WSCA is now used by many states alongside the first fifteen members. For example, this chart shows more than 50% savings on desktops when you take advantage of “Premium Savings Plans” discounts available for select WSCA participating states from many providers. Equally important, CIOs, CTOS, CISOs, CIOs, CIOs, and other technology professionals know what we can work together across the country in terms of contractual terms, the latest security and privacy formulations in contracts, the conditions for getting in and out of the cloud, and how we can work together to influence vendors` product and service roadmaps. .

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