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“We go first to the dolls` palace, we make the vertigo disappear,” Tari suggested. “I ask for compensation if you disappear,” Tari says. Tari slowly massages Bian`s neck while her husband spits out his breakfast. He took eucalyptus fabric and oil. He didn`t know Bian threw up first. The dance is stunned with big eyes. He immediately turned his gaze in the other direction. “How are you cool?” asked Tari, rubbing eucalyptus oil on her husband`s neck. Bian did not respond.

His stomach was bad, his head was dizzy. Bian surrendered when Tari put his hand in the queue. “Are you sure you dare?” Bian is clumsy when Sarah gets close. Instead of being happy, he felt something was wrong. “You don`t need to prepare for tomorrow?” he asked. Bian squeaks angrily as he grabs a cell phone from the TV table and gets away with it. It`s true. Tari sent her a message about the VA a few days ago, but she hasn`t read it yet. Even though it`s a vacation, he has a futsal appointment with his friends. “I can`t,” Bian replied. “Ooo…

yes, I just order a taxi online,” says Sarah, disappointed. “Bian.” He grabbed his lover`s hand and gently rubbed it. #1 Romance, July 27, 2018 Roman is available on GRAMEDIA. For Btari Hapsari or Tari, marriage is worship. Although unfamiliar with the future husband, who was introduced by pakde and budenya. He thinks that love can grow later when he… “Hmmm,” Bian replied, wiping his mouth with a fabric donated by Tari. His head is still dizzy, but his stomach is improving. “Loh, how are you still here?” asked Tari when she turned around. “Yes, you know, it`s true. The man was praying at the mosque. “Take a taxi online only for a while,” Bian suggested.

The dance smiles a little. Looks like the plan`s going to go smoothly. “You look distanced.” Your lover feels distant. When Sarah was treated, Bian came to see her at the hospital. He`s starting to feel something unusual. Your lover is always attentive and affectionate, but… It`s not what it used to be. His eyes look misguided. Stop making the same light. Thanks to kak useful information, be sure to also visit my official website bit.ly/2MCUqF6 “nothing,” replied Bian, while trying to smile. “After dinner, is there something you want to do?” “Go down slowly,” Says Sarah when Bian opens her guru.

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