University No Contact Agreement

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University administrators are allowed to adopt a “No Contact Order” (NCO) that prohibits contact between students if there are reasonable fears that such contact could cause physical or psychological harm. B. Request a contact request. Anyone concerned about their safety should contact William & Mary Police at 757-221-4596 or call 911. However, contact orders no do not guarantee that parts of such orders will not be seen on campus. Rather, they are intended to limit the possible interactions between the parties. If people have security concerns and feel they need additional protection (for example. B by a temporary injunction), they should contact the Department of Public Safety at 609-258-1000. If you wish to receive an order without communication or contact, please contact one of the following places: If the requesting party wishes to request an extension of an order without communication or a mutual prohibition of contact, it must contact the University administrator at least two weeks before the expiry date of the order, who initially placed the order (see FAQ number 6 for more information). The Administrator(s) will review the application and may attempt to speak to both parties (separately) as part of their review.

This policy applies to William & Mary, including the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (the University). For students, contactless order provisions apply; [1] Other sections of this policy apply to both staff and students. This Directive collects, in a document, information on the absence of a contact decision and a protection order. It determines the situations in which the institution does not give contact orders. The duration of the Campus No Contact Order is determined by the issuing body. Both parties will receive written notification regarding the contactless order….

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