Toondah Harbour Infrastructure Agreement

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Of the $116 million of infrastructure that will be delivered to the Redlands community, more than $56 million is through the infrastructure agreement and the rest through the development agreement. “The cost of upgrading the public infrastructure of the Port of Toondah, including the ferry terminal and the deepening and extension of the shipping channel, is US$116 million,” the spokesman said. “As a PDA and under the infrastructure agreement, taxpayers and the Community benefit from the much-needed infrastructure in the region, at minimal cost to the Council and without long-term impact. The petition also called for an investigation into decisions on the granting of development agreements and the costs and benefits to the municipality. The remaining municipal infrastructure will be made available through the development agreement, funded by the proceeds of the project. The municipal infrastructure provided by the infrastructure agreement is paid from the infrastructure charges collected by the Walker Group Council. The royalties paid by the Walker Group are in line with the Council`s infrastructure resolution. This agreement has ensured municipal infrastructure for generations while retaining flexibility for changes that must be agreed upon after the federal government reviews the project. The infrastructure charges are what the Commission would charge each Redlands developer at that time. The petition – which had gathered more than 1,300 signatures at the time of the letter – called for a commission of inquiry to examine the port`s development plans, including why the priority development zone had been set up to enter the Ramsar wetlands. The Council spokesperson stated that in 2014, the Council and the State Government conducted a strict tendering process before entering into development and infrastructure agreements with developer Walker Group in 2016. “A proper commission of inquiry would be an important step in determining the appropriate development and conservation in the area near Toondah Harbour.” The chairman of the redlands2030 lobby group has launched a petition calling for an investigation into $1.4 billion in commercial and residential construction projects at toondah Harbour. The city council`s planning and municipal participation processes in 2013 and 2014 were also called into question, around the time the PDA was proclaimed.

“We are calling for a commission of inquiry so that all questionable decisions made over many years by the State Government and Redland City Council can be systematically independently reviewed and evaluated,” he said.

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