Tenancy Agreement Proof Of Address

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Barclays may accept other documents in very narrow circumstances. If you don`t have bills or leases on your behalf because you live with your family. B, you may be able to file an introductory letter from your parent or legal guardian as long as you are also a Barclays customer1. In the UK, banks require an identity card and address as part of the process of opening a bank account. It is the same in many other countries around the world, and must help banks ensure that the open account is not linked to any illegal activity. As part of your policy certificate or ICPC application, you must provide acceptable proof of your current address from one of the following lists. A document from the last 12 months that shows your name and current address: to put your account into service without limits, you must always send a copy of your photo ID card, for example. B a passport. You can either send proof of address, such as a driver`s license. B or an up-to-date electricity bill, or if you don`t have an address proof at your fingertips, you can send a selfie with your photo ID.

If you have been asked to provide proof of address to open a bank account, this means that you must provide your bank document on where you are currently located. Your bank will provide you with a number of documents that you could use. B such as an electricity bill or driver`s license. As a general rule, you must provide an original document for verification. In the United Kingdom, the rules are based on anti-money laundering legislation and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines. These rules and processes can be described as your customers or KYC. Although different banks might interpret the rules a little differently, the documents and processes used to verify the customer`s ID and address are fairly standard among all UK high street banks. However, traditional banks` approach to proof of address may pose problems for some customers who may not have any of the accepted documents.

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