Seiu Master Agreement 2020

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On August 4, 2020, our union met with CRPD representatives on the outstanding announcements. CRPD has responded to many of our outstanding questions and, based on our previous complaints, Our Union filed a national health and safety complaint against cdcr and CCHCS on July 28, 2020. THE CDCR and CCHCS responded in a timely manner to our complaint on August 10, 2020. On August 25, 2020, our union was informed by members that an email from Heidi Steinecker had been sent to employees ordering HFEN to sign a new service statement. Our union immediately contacted CDPH Labor Relations and informed them that we were still in the meet-speaker process and that our union had not accepted mandatory reporting. We have also called for the immediate withdrawal of mandatory reporting. CSSA lawyers and the legal team continue to advocate on bees of excluded workers. Since budget marbles and bills authorizing agreements entered into by high-level bodies are subject to approval and funding of authorization by the legislature, ACSS will continue to aggressively defend the interests of excluded persons. While we expect greater clarity on the passage of the final state budget and the potential impact of collective bargaining, ACSS will continue to work with CalHR on wages and details of possible temporary cuts in workers` excluded incomes.

The ACSS praised the progress made by the Brown government and former CalHR director Richard Gillihan. In addition to the general wage increase in 2017 and 2018, the government has a general wage increase (GSI) of 3%, with effect from 1 October 2016 as well as various specific salary adjustments granted to cope with the wage reduction. The GSI of October 2016 departed from current practice by making an IFG available to excluded employees before several trade union organisations concluded collective agreements. ACSS is committed to continuing to cooperate with CalHR and the next administration to ensure that excluded employees receive adequate and appropriate improvement in wages and benefits. Emphasis is placed on the reductions in the working allowance requested by the Governor and reflected in the State budget. The legislator has encouraged the basic groups to accept a reduction through collective bargaining. In this context, much will depend on collective bargaining and agreements to determine compensation and the measures taken by the Governor with respect to possible general salary increases and exceptional compensation adjustments from 1 July 2020. The interim agreement or subsidiary letter amending the local employment contract of 1000 contains for senior officials: the administration has clearly indicated that it intends to exclude staff excluded from the corresponding tariff units in order to achieve wage savings. Other bargaining units are expected to enter into two-day DEP agreements, partially offset by the suspension of workers` contributions to pre-financing retirees` health care. .

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