Cceb Candidate Agreement

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Did you already know that? The processing of the results of the CCEB examination lasts approximately four weeks. Upon successful completion of the CCEB exam and the CCO exam for legislation and ethics, CCO sends candidates an application form to complete for membership. Once all exam requirements have been completed, candidates will receive a letter of completion and registration form, and then be able to apply for a CCO registration. The CCEB supports research in the areas of clinical competency assessment, advanced assessment methods, and ongoing studies on the validity and reliability of CCEB trials. This support includes numerous articles published in medical education journals, presentations at international medical education conferences, and verification and analysis of examination data. In one year, we evaluated only 165 candidates and up to 1400 candidates. We currently evaluate 800 candidates per year. In its role as a testing agency, the CCEB does not represent a specific chiropractic university, chiropractic philosophy, or policy agenda, but formulates reviews that reflect the activities of chiropractors in Canada and ensure competence in managing presentations for which Canadians seek chiropractic care. . . .

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