Bahamas Public Service Union Industrial Agreement 2019

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In the interview with yesterday`s signing, Ferguson said the payment has the effect of putting officials in a better financial position, who are going on vacation and the coming new year. He said negotiations for a new agreement will continue in the second week of January 2020. He informed the union that he would consider a counter-proposal for the remaining financial affairs. As part of the agreement, the government will pay an initial lump sum of $800 to BPSU members in the first quarter of the fiscal year and $US 600 by the end of December. A copy of the agreement signed on December 4 indicated that BPSU members would receive the lump sum payment from December 2019. That meeting will take place tomorrow, hence Mr Ferguson`s reference to Tuesday. The BPSU boss did not mention the Finance Ministry meeting last Thursday, but denied rumors on social media that public sector employees were planning to protest the situation today on Bay Street, near Parliament and the cabinet office. “I think this lump sum payment is the biggest lump sum payment in this public service story and it`s actually an incentive for members to continue to be the productive public servants that they need to continue to provide to the public that is needed at this very moment,” Ferguson said. After bahamian Public Services Union (BPSU) President Kimsley Ferguson said negotiations on its members` employment agreement were stalled, Public Service and National Service Minister Brazil Rolle said yesterday that the government had negotiated in good faith. “I think […] The role of contribution promises that the government will be fair with BPSU. The head of the BPSU spoke in a statement issued by the Treasury, revealing the differences between the two parties over the date and payment of a “lump sum payment” of $1,200 to officials for a total amount of US$20 million. “As always, we believe it is the duty of the government to reach agreements with unions that are in the best interests of the people of the Bahamas and workers. That is why I am delighted today that we are all here to witness this historic event. “Making the association the `fly in the ointment` gives a bad and negative construction on the union…

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