Account Pledge Agreement

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3.2. Conflicting Laws and Treaties. 4.7. Controlled deposit accounts and controlled deposits. Any licensor, at the request of the administrative agent153s, shall endeavour to ensure that any bank or other financial institution with which it has a controlled deposit account or a controlled deposit entered into with the administrative agent a control agreement, in the form and content, reasonably satisfactory to the administrative agent, in order to control the deposit account controlled by the administrative agent or to give the controlled deposit. The administrative officer agrees that he has not disclosed sole control under a deposit account control agreement or deposit account control agreement, unless a default has occurred and is continuing. Where the administrative agent has acquired exclusive control and control of a controlled deposit account, a controlled deposit or control, as well as control of another deposit or investment, and there is no default, the administrative agent shall send a notification to the bank or financial institution under which such a controlled deposit account or a controlled deposit or any other deposit or investment is maintained; to (a) terminate the exclusive 153s administrative agent and control such controlled deposit account or controlled deposit or any other deposit or investment, and (b) restore Grantor153`s access to such controlled deposit account or other controlled deposit or investment. In the case of deposits and investments held with lenders, the terms of this letter are subject to the provisions of the credit agreement on netting. The provisions of this Section 4.7 shall not apply to (a) current accounts that are not controlled deposit accounts and (b) securities accounts that are not controlled securities accounts. “Financial Agent”, when used in connection with a concessionaire, means the Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer, Treasurer or Controller of that licensor or borrower. 8.10.

Benefit of the Agreement. The terms and provisions of this Security Agreement are binding on the dealers, administrative agents and insured parties and their respective assigns and recipients (including all related persons as debtors) and apply to your benefits, except that the licensors do not have the right to assign their rights or obligations under this Security Agreement. g or any interest in it. without the prior written consent of the administrative officer. No sale of interests, assignments, assignments or other orders of an agreement governing the covered obligations or any part thereof or parts thereof shall in any way affect the right of pledge granted to the administrative agent for the benefit of the administrative agent and other secured parties. . . .

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