What Are Different Kinds Of Agreement Declared Void Under The Indian Contract Act 1872

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Therefore, any agreement that imposes restrictions on a trader`s choice of mode of activity is void. Thus, in a case where a person has promised to pay his brother`s debts, although it is not based on valuable counterparties, but it is a good reflection because of love, affection, if, made by the recorded document. If a girl takes care of her father, takes care of him and, in return, if he gives him something, she will fall under that section. (2) Impossibility after the fact, i.e. after the conclusion of the contract. We would like to know the details of these towing opportunities. This article, entitled “Types of Contracts,” discusses the classification of contracts on the basis of their application, nature and scope. Exception 2: This exception relates to agreements that parties who engage in the courts refrain from entering into, but which, in the event of a dispute, refer them to the Court of Arbitration. This agreement is not cancelled.

The Indian Contracts Act is governed by the Indian Contract Act of 1872. However, the Contract Act does not codify the entire law of contracts, the law also expressly preserves any use or use of trade or any incident of a contract that is not inconsistent with the provisions of the law. Contract law is limited to the application of voluntary civil obligations. Contract law is not able to deal with the full range of agreements, many agreements remain outside the jurisdiction because they do not meet the requirement of a contract. A contract is an agreement; An agreement is a promise and a promise is a proposal adopted. Any agreement is therefore the result of a proposal on the one hand and its adoption on the other. A contract is considered a contract if it is legally applicable. Section 10 of the Act deals with the conditions of enforceable force, according to this section, a contract is a contract when it is made for consideration, between the parties who are competent for the contract, with free consent and for a legitimate purpose.

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