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On 5 November, just 11 days before the presidential elections, a draft CCC agreement was finally published on the sri Lankan Ministry of Finance`s website, in response to persistent public demands for transparency. It reveals a number of dubious clauses that seriously undermine the rights of the Sri Lankan people and the country`s independence. Only a few of the clauses can be mentioned here. In recent months, China has made considerable and highly visible efforts to help Sri Lanka – and the response of many other countries – to the COVID 19 pandemic, including a $500 million concession contract signed in March. Country ownership, transparency and accountability for grant results are essential to MCC`s development model. MCC has successfully partnered with nearly 30 countries around the world for 38 grant agreements, worth nearly $13.5 billion. These subsidies have taken millions of people out of poverty by catalyzing local and national investment. In April 2018, the agoa and MCA modernization laws gave MCC the power to enter into parallel pacts to promote cross-border economic integration, trade and cooperation. In December 2018, the MCC`s Board of Directors selected five West African countries for parallel pacts: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d`Ivoire, Ghana and Niger. In response to the Ghanaian government`s decision to terminate the concession agreement between Electric Company of Ghana Ltd (ECG) to private operator Power Distribution Services Ghana Ltd (PDS), the MCC Board of Directors did not select Ghana for regional investments in 2019. The administration at the time and the MCC disputed the allegations and proposed to amend the agreement if they were to allay perceived concerns.

However, proponents of the MCC agreement in the United States and Sri Lanka argue that the distribution of one million acts that directly confer property on people with public property under the pact is an anti-poverty measure. In addition, the draft agreement states, without elaborating, that its land project “will not have a negative environmental and social impact. Some politicians and civil society groups have linked the proposed pact to the GCC to other more open security agreements, such as the U.S. Agreement on the Status of the Armed Forces, which sets the framework for the U.S. military`s entry into Sri Lanka, which critics have seen as an attempt to create a U.S. military base. , or even a possible base in the country. U.S. officials called the claim “blatant misinformation.” Correction.

The Washington-based Millennium Challenge Corporation did not terminate the agreement. Sri Lanka ended the MCC case last year by refusing to sign it. I have the hat on the new government of Sri Lanka by not letting the country become another American territory. Well done Mr. Rajapaksa! – Anura Zoysa Compacts is a five-year agreement between the CCC and an eligible country to finance specific poverty reduction and economic growth programmes. MCC`s unique model for the development of compact programs reflects the principles that characterized the creation of the Agency in 2004. These include the principle of country responsibility, the belief that aid is most effective when it is based on a partnership (or pact) in which recipient countries assume greater responsibility for their own economic development. Today, developing and poor countries expect the United States to devalue the U.S. dollar exchange rate by 90%, with european and U.S. economies below the average $1 international exchange rate compared to the 19 poor countries that pay the IMF.

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