Universal Terms Of Service Agreement Godaddy

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If you intend to authorize the use of a domain name to third parties or to maintain a domain name in your account for that third party, you are nevertheless the owner of the domain name and are therefore responsible for providing your own comprehensive contact information and providing and updating specific technical and administrative contact information that can facilitate timely resolution of problems. that occur in relation to the domain name. You are liable for damages caused by the illegal use of the domain name, unless you immediately pass on the licensee`s current contact information and the licensee`s identity to a party who provides the registered holder with appropriate proof of applicable injury. You state that you are bound by third parties on behalf of whom you represent under the terms of this Agreement and that you are able to bind them. From time to time, Go Daddy may offer new services (limited preview services or new features for existing services) in a draft. New services, new features for existing services or limited preview services are called “beta services” individually and collectively. If you use beta Services, your use of beta services is subject to the following conditions: (i) You recognize and accept that beta services are preliminary versions and may not work properly; (ii) You acknowledge and agree that your use of beta services may expose you to unusual risks of failure; (iii) Beta services are provided as they are, which is why we do not recommend using them in production-critical environments or businesses; (iv) Go Daddy reserves the right to modify, modify or discontinue any aspect of beta services at any time; (v) commercial versions of beta services may change significantly and programs that use or run beta services may not work with commercial or subsequent versions; (vi) Go Daddy may limit the availability of after-sales support hours for beta support; (vii) You acknowledge and agree to immediately comment on your beta experience in a form that we have reasonably requested, including the information needed to duplicate any errors or problems you encounter. You recognize and accept that we can use your feedback for any purpose, including product development purposes. At our request, you will provide us with comments that we can use publicly for press and marketing materials. Any intellectual property inherent in your comments or resulting from your use of beta services is the exclusive property of Go Daddy; (viii) You acknowledge and accept that all information about your use of beta services, including your experiences and opinions regarding beta services, is confidential and should not be disclosed to third parties or used for any purpose other than providing feedback to Go Daddy; (ix) Beta services are provided “as we will see,” “as available” and “with all errors.” With the utmost respect under the law, Go Daddy refuses any legal, express or tacit guarantees regarding beta services, including, but not only, unspoken guarantees of ownership, market, suitability for a particular purpose and non-counterfeiting. We offer automated configuration services for third-party blogs, social media platforms, web hosting services and other third-party services.

Using our automated configuration services, you (a) declare that you have the right to access the specified account and (b) that you appoint us as an agent to access the account in order to perform the requested service configuration on your behalf. We accept such an appointment when you provide us with your account access information and you accept our configuration changes that must be made to your third-party service account.

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