Tricycle Hire Purchase Agreement In Nigeria

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I need a keke driver for my used Maruwa keke on rental-sale. Preferably someone in ota close to the Obasanjo farm. My contact 08024057746 Most people find this agreement financially more viable than a rental contract where the driver pays only regular fees in installments without hoping to own the vehicle. If the driver understands that he is paying for an asset that will be permanently one day, he will probably take better care of it. On the other hand, if he feels that he is responsible for making as much money as possible, regardless of his future, he will probably use the vehicle as he pleases and get rid of it if he receives for a better offer. A keke rental business can be a pretty lucrative business if it is implemented with a good strategy. Leasing is a commercial agreement that allows a keke driver to own and drive your vehicle for an agreed term, while paying in regular installments for the purchase of the keke. The tax should take into account the depreciation of the keke and interest to cover your initial cost of capital. At the end of the life, the driver fully owns the vehicle. As demand for tricycles continues to increase in Nigeria, a number of brands have found their place in the Nigerian market and include them: because they are rent-sales, the person who hires them assumes responsibility for the maintenance contained in the agreement. Tricycles are durable and if used correctly, they can be sold to another person.

The downside of buying a fair-use tricycle is that it can develop errors more easily than a brand new one. Price fluctuations depend on the length of the tricycle on the road. There are places Keke shouldn`t be. For example, the government has just stopped the operation of Keke napep in Abuja`s municipal councils. In some countries, tricycles are not allowed in some places. He therefore chose a path that did not conform to the established rules. And it will also generate a lot of money, because a lot of passengers are available to transit. Keke rental store is very lucrative because maintenance is cheap and the engine can run for 5-7 years if proper maintenance is carried out.

Thank you very much, ufan. God bless you. But I wondered if it was okay to give it for a higher purchase of N1,100,000 after buying for N400,000. If not too much. I have to pay it back and start mine, as you said. Pls I need keke maruwa on the rental-sale. please contact me on 08171180484 So how much is a tricycle? Model of the tricycle, place of purchase, date of purchase and exchange rate are key factors that determine the prices of tricycles in Nigeria. Naijauto collects that you can start your business with a fairly used price of N200,000 – 300,000 on average.

If you have earned a stable income and accumulated enough money to expand your business, you can buy more than Keke Napeps or a new one to increase the quality of service. New Keke Napep is sold for N500,000 at N850,000. Please, I need keke napep for. Buying rent, with two sure deposits. remains at abuja karmo exactly. 09030915529, winner by name please do I need keke for a rental purchase Am in portharcourt my phone number is 09074579911 or 08156232453 You are planning to launch a Keke Napep store and looking for prices for tricycles in Nigeria? In this article, you`ll find the latest Keke Napep prizes in Nigeria 2020, the addresses of popular Napep keke traders in Nigeria and some business models that allow you to make money with the Keke Napep store.

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