Ministry Of Education Field Staff Collective Agreement

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The payment of additional customs duties is made by the payment of the additional units (ADUs). The move to ADUs means that once the allowance has been allocated to the individual, there is agreement on the possible additional tasks and responsibilities they must perform during the period, and these are covered by compensation. The G ratings in this collective agreement recognize that the New Zealand Quality Qualifications Register provides the appropriate framework for determining the relationship between qualification and salary. (a) Teachers achieve the corresponding maximum value for the base indicated on the employer-dependent scale, which certifies that the teacher has met the appropriate level of professional standards for secondary teachers- criteria for marginal and quality education, which are attached to supplement 1 of this agreement. The expiry of a collective agreement does not necessarily mean the end of the collective agreement. iii In cases where there is more than one clear candidate, the executive chef is advised to reach an agreement with the EPI, and either: casual worker: – means that a worker occupied by the agreement means that the nature of the relationship is a random working relationship “as needed”. The employer advises the employee when he wishes to work (although there is no obligation for the worker to work if the worker wishes, yet another obligation for the employer to offer a job to the employee). A working relationship between the parties exists only during periods when the worker works for the employer by appointment and no employment relationship applies outside of these periods. (e) For the calculation of the grant, the salary includes the salary plus all other permanent salary bonuses (including units) that are paid in accordance with the provisions of this agreement, or any temporary remuneration (including units) payable for a period of 12 months or more. Temporary allowances payable for less than 12 months are excluded from the grant calculation. 7.8.5 For workers who are already entitled to long-term leave under previous collective agreements (see Article 13 of the basic conditions), this provision does not diminish this right and this provision will not allow for the doubling of rights (for example.

B periods of service cannot be counted twice for long-term leave granted under different rules). Absence for child care reasons will interrupt the service but will not interrupt it. The period of absence will not be considered a service for sick leave or annual leave or other leave. This provision also applies to all officers, regardless of when custody of the children has been absent. The parties have agreed to the introduction of additional units (ADU) to compensate staff for additional/special/additional tasks that are performed on the instruction of their superiors (Directors or Managers Review and Information Services).

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