Jimmy Carter Peace Agreement

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Prime Minister Bégin`s reaction to Sadaat`s initiative, although what Sadat or Carter did not expect, showed the willingness to engage the Egyptian leader. Like Sadat, Bégin saw many reasons why bilateral talks would be in his country`s best interest. It would allow Israel to negotiate only with Egypt, rather than with a larger Arab delegation, which could try to use its size to make undesirable or unacceptable demands. Israel believed that Egypt could help Israel protect Israel from other Arabs and Eastern Communists. Moreover, the opening of direct negotiations between heads of State and Government – summit diplomacy – would distinguish Egypt from its Arab neighbours. Carter`s people apparently had no idea of the secret conversations in Morocco between Dayan`s representative and Sadaat`s representative, Hassan Tuhami, that paved the way for Sadat`s initiative. This step made Egypt the only Arab state to officially recognize Israel until 1994, when Jordan followed suit. The Camp David agreement also led to the disintegration of a united Arab front in opposition to Israel. Egypt`s reorientation has created a power vacuum that Saddam Hussein of Iraq, once only a second power, hoped to fill. Due to the vague language relating to the implementation of resolution 242, the Palestinian problem has become the main subject of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Many Arab nations have accused Egypt of not exerting enough pressure on Israel to tackle the Palestinian problem in a way that would be satisfactory to them.

Syria has also told Egypt that it will not reconcile with the nation if it does not abandon the peace agreement with Israel. [8] In view of these elements, the parties are determined to achieve a just, comprehensive and lasting settlement of the Middle East conflict by concluding peace agreements on the basis of Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338. Their goal is to achieve peace and good neighbourly relations. They recognize that peace, if it continues, involves all those most affected by the conflict. They therefore agree that, if necessary, they intend to form a basis for peace not only between Egypt and Israel, but also between Israel and each of its other neighbors who is ready to negotiate peace with Israel on that basis. . . .

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