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It`s quick and easy to get an ESA and disrupt your market with really smart solutions. You can do this in 3 simple steps: Flexible solution agreements enable entrepreneurs, small businesses and global organizations to use IBM`s software resources to create unique software solutions. The flexibility of these new software licenses allows you to keep control of your customers and contracts while using IBM licensed software in your own value-added applications. IBM ESA Program Information For more information about the IBM Embedded Solution Agreement, see www.ibm.com/partnerworld/public/embedded-solution-agreement An ESA allows you to use IBM`s state-of-the-art technologies with open standards and combine them with your intellectual property – your value – so you can provide your customers with a global solution under your brand and conditions. With the help of an ESA, OLAPLINE has launched a planning and analytics solution that allows users to create custom ad hoc reports, dashboards and planning scenarios. To qualify for an ESA, your solution must meet the following requirements: FieldFLEX`s new range of mobile business solutions is aimed at market tables with mobile inspection tools for all types of activities. “Our new bundled business solutions are for companies that perform routine investments and asset inspections, risk assessments and security checklists, or manage work permits, but may not need all the performance and breadth functions of a comprehensive asset management system or workstations such as IBM TRIRIGA or Maximo,” said Steven Lisle, Chief Commercial Officer of FieldFLEX. “Our mobile applications with Point offer customers the ability to use the software immediately. And gives them a clear path to become larger business management systems, as their asset management and settlement requirements evolve.┬áIn most countries, you can accept the digital contract via IBM eSignature – no need to print, sign or scan.

You will receive an email with a link to your contract immediately after the request. Embedded Solution (ESA), IBM, SAAS – IBM, IBM, IBM, IBM. As part of an ESA, CBA Strategic IT has expanded the AI capabilities it has integrated into its CAITO platform to give its customers an immediate overview of a decade`s research.

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