Apa Yang Dimaksud Dengan Gentlemen Agreement Dalam Proses Perumusan Pancasila

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With regard to Latuharhary and the other parties who objected, Kiai A Wahid Hasjim said: “Here is the formulation of the results of the compromise that can be obtained.” From the beginning, Indonesia was seen as a rule of law (the rule of law) and not as a state of power (Maachtstaat). Therefore, the most important in the implementation of Pancasila is its impact on the law, not on the ideology of people per person in the country. The legislation of this regulation must be subject to continuous evaluation so as not to be dissociated from the spirit of Pancasila. The one who feels most abandoned by this change is the Islamic group. They considered that the gentlemen`s agreement, agreed by mutual agreement, had only been broken within the framework of a narrow dialogue room of nine ppki members. Yet Muslims, as good citizens, still enjoy Keptusan. Possible spaces for Muslims to rehabilitate the interests of those best used. Components are the most open space for this. Unfortunately, the Constituent Assembly finally had to fail in the hands of The Authoritarianism of Sukarnos, which imposed the decree on 5 July 1959. Professor Kasman Singodimedjo, who participated in PPKI`s lobbying on August 18, 1945, said that the july 5, 1959 decree was “unique,” meaning it is valid forever (impossible to revoke).

“Thus, since July 5, 1959, the Jakarta Charter has become as alive as the 1945 Constitution, even a soul that animates the 1945 Constitution,” Kasman wrote in his book Life That Struggles, Kasman Singodimedjo 75 Years (Jakarta: Bulan Bintang, 1982). Then, forming a state government of Indonesia that protects the entire nation of Indonesia and all the bloodshed of Indonesia, promotes the general well-being, educates the life of the nation and participates in the implementation of the world order on the basis of independence, Eternal Peace and Social Justice, Indonesia`s national independence was drafted in a constitution of the State of Indonesia, which was drafted in the form of an order of the Republic of Indonesia that has the sovereignty of the people on the basis: God, with the commitment to perform Islamic hari`a for his people, on the basis of a just and recreational humanity, the unity of Indonesia, and the people led by wisdom in Indonesian presence/representation, and by the realization of social justice for all men. One of the most fundamental parts of the nation`s history is “Pancasila.” Pancasila, which means “five principles,” was agreed as a philosophy and a fundamental nation for the implementation of the Indonesian state.

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