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A TAG is a written agreement between the student, the Community College and the corresponding UC that accepts TAGs, which stipulates that when a student meets the conditions stipulated in the agreement (TAG), the student receives a priority application exam and/or is admitted to the UC he has chosen for the TAG (only one DAY is permitted). In a conversation, you can hear if the day of the question is used to request an agreement or confirmation based on intonation. 2. Complete all remaining course and AMP requirements in your TAG agreement. If you sign a TAG/TAA, it depends on the school you plan for TAG. Once you have met the unit requirement completed, your contract can be written up to one year before the transfer. For example, a TAA may be written in September for the fall period of UC Davis. To remember this, note that the confirmation request is close to asking a “real” question, hence the ascending intonation. However, when asking for agreement, the question-day is more like an additional statement, hence the fall of intonation. If it is used to request an agreement, the intonation stops at the end of the question tag.

Question tags are used to request agreement or confirmation. The admission guarantee/Agreement (TAG/TAA) transfer is a commitment that some higher education institutions and universities make to CCP students who meet the basic transfer requirements. At the conclusion of a general culture order and a selected major with a specified minimum MPA, you can apply for the four-year establishment within a time limit and be “guaranteed entry.” By participating in the TAG, you can get an early review of your scientific documents, an early authorization notification and specific instructions on key preparation and general training programs. III) AGREEMENT TAGS- STEP 1: Check whether it is a positive or negative sentence. “Affirmatives”? Use it like that. negative? Use NEITHER… Examples 😛 eter likes carrots. That`s how I.?? Peter doesn`t like carrots. Me too. ?- STEP 2: Use the same voltage. In the two examples above, we use DO/DOES, since the first sentence is simple in the present.

MPA requirements vary depending on primary and/or higher education within the university and may change. Arizona, Loyola Marymount, Pacific Oaks, Pepperdine, Redlands and Whittier procedures and deadlines vary by institution. For more information, visit the PCC Transfer Center, L110. Remember: TAG applications are now due October 15, but you can only apply to a campus for one DAY. To keep your options open, you apply to other UC campuses during the regular application cycle (November 1 and 30). If you don`t like something, I don`t like carrots. ? He doesn`t like carrots. ?If it is followed with another verb, please use -ING:I You don`t like carrots. ?Plus: I hate carrots. ?? He hates carrots.

?? If there is an auxiliary verb in the instruction, use the same auxiliary verb in question day – but be sure to reverse positive and negative forms and note that the forms are always linked in the day of the question (except in extremely formal language). gently! With me, as you can see in the third example, I should not be the day, but this is extremely rarely used today, if not at all. Instead, the use is not the first day of clauses designed to protect minority shareholders from abandonment when a majority shareholder decides to sell their shares.

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