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Conversely, if someone explicitly opposes a decision, there is clearly no consensus. That is why, to my great regret, I agree with Russia, Syria, Demiran and (worse!). North Korea. Sorry, guys! This contribution rightly points to an important difference between consensus and vote in the penultimate paragraph. This difference relates to their significant effects on the balance between powerful and powerless states. Mexico`s view at the CAW conference that there is no clear definition of consensus is reminiscent of the view expressed by the conference`s president, Amerasinghe of Sri Lanka, ahead of the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (CNM). Amerisinghe argued that UNCLOS should operate by mutual agreement, but argued that the consensus procedure should only be in a gentleman`s agreement and not in the internal rules of the conference. He questioned the fact that it was “possible to enshrine in the regulation a rule that states that there should be a consensus because a consensus is not by definition; it`s impossible to define. [quoted by Louis Sohn in Voting Procedures In United Nations Conferences for the Codification of International Law” (1975) 69 Am.

J. Int`l L. 310 at 333]. Amerasinghe`s views prevailed and UNCLOS was the first major UN conference to try to make an amicable decision. It may be hard to remember how innovative it was at the time. However, the number of writings relating to the consensus procedure with respect to UNCLOS at the time of the conference may be indicative of the importance this would have to do with current practice. In the 1975 American Journal of International Law in 1975, there were two articles on this subject. [the son-piece above and vines, “Will the Third Conference on the Law of the Sea work according to the rule of consensus?” (1975) 69 AM. J. Int`l L. 310.

His son`s play AJIL preceded L.B son: “United Nations Decision-making, Confrontation of Consensus? 1974: 15 Harv. L.J. 438. AJIL later published Buzan, “Negotiating By Consensus: Developments In Technique At The United Nations Conference on The Law Of the Sea,” (1981) 75 Am. J. Int`l L. 324] A tradition of support for a coarse consensus is the tradition of ringing, not hand-lifting; This allows a group to quickly identify the prevalence of differences of opinion, without facilitating access to the majority rule. [68] The consensus phrase of opinion that is not really redundant (see The Sense 1a; the meaning that takes expression is a little older) has been so often called redundancy that many writers avoid it. You are sure to be the only one capable of consensus when it is clear that you agree, and most authors do. “Furthermore, national authorities must recognize that the essential observations made at the meetings are counterproductive, since it is not possible for other delegations to hold the necessary consultations at home, without which it will be difficult to reach a consensus quickly.” At the same time, he added: “There is already some kind of consensus that if a country develops a vaccine, it will of course retain a higher share for its country.” However, the fear that one or very few states could thwart the will of the international community remains real.

As has already been said, and as has happened at UNCLOS and at the International Criminal Court conference in Kampala, the way forward may be to proceed with a return procedure.

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